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Want to create a new digital course or upgrade an existing one?

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Do you want clear, crisp content that converts into sales?

I’ll take your brand, story or idea and craft an audience-focused, direct marketing piece that will turn heads, inspire minds and generate sales.

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Hi, I'm Cedric! Former Marketing Director, Editor in Chief and lay Zen monk. Today, I'm a Writer, Entrepreneur, Coach and Course creator.

For the past 17 years, I've harnessed my love of conscious business, bio-hacking and behaviour design to help courageous Change-makers awaken in business and in life. 

Whether you're a start-up, ramp-up or scale-up business, or you want to cultivate a better version of you, I've got you covered!


Get The FREE Clarity Canvas™

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Content Camp

This is a self-paced + group coaching program, where we will create your content canvass, content bank and content marketing campaign together over 30-days. 

We'll actively work on your business and map out your copy to gain clarity, increase brand visibility and generate more leads and sales.

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Course Creator Lab

Want to simplify the process of building an online course? I’ve got you covered. If you're struggling to get your digital course to where it needs to be, you've come to the right place.

Most "gurus" make everything too complicated, leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed. Together, we’ll change that.

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7-Days to Clarity

Make this year your greatest year ever! This ‘Lifestyle Guidance System’ infuses elements of Zen philosophy, systems thinking, biochemistry, behaviour design and neuroscience to help you:

Get unstuck, create clarity, remove limitations, develop peak states of consciousness and finally set and accomplish purposeful goals. 

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Deb Smith - Financial Broker

"The whole process was made so easy by you and you were very clear when and what you needed from me which made it very easy to work with you."

Natasja Fox - TCM Doctor & Founder of Jing Health

"My biggest fear was spending money that I didn’t have. This was the best money I could have spent"

Tania Morgan - Sucseed Leadership & Coaching

"Working with Cedric was an exciting opportunity. This would not have been possible without Cedric and his team."

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The Clarity Canvas™ blends strategies from conscious engineering,
behaviour design, Zen philosophy and systems thinking to give you clarity on the critical steps you need to take right now in business and life.

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